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Great challenges are the greatest opportunities

Tom Claytor with Explorers Club Flag #101A on the summit of Everest
Tom Claytor on the summit of Everest -- 17th May 2010 (10:00AM)
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from the South

from the West

MOUNT EVEREST 8,850m. (29,030')
01 April - 01 June 2010
Lukla (9,000')
--> Base Camp (17,500')
--> Icefield (19,500')
--> Camp 2 (21,000')
--> Camp 3 (23,500')
--> Camp 4 (26,300')
--> Summit (29,030')
--> Back down.

Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche - Senior Advisor
Warren Claytor - Expedition Manager, Communications, Search & Rescue
General Prabowo Subianto - Leader 1997 Successful Indonesian Everest Team
Bo Parfet - Climbing Advisor & Summiteer
Kenton Cool - Expedition Leader & 8x Summiteer
Vitidnan "Nung" Rojanapanich - Technical Advisor & Summiteer
Rick Thurmer - Tent Mate & Camp Stove Operations
D. Sherpa & G. Sherpa - Climbing Friends
Rafe Parker - Mountain Advisor
Peter Brabeck - Mountain Advisor
Brannon Claytor - Medical Advisor
Naomi Sato - Medical Advisor
Tshering Lhendrup Dorji - Bhutanese Flag Sponsor
Daniel Yanez - South American Search & Rescue
Henry Rourke - "One Shot" Advisor
Ray Woodruff - Spot Advisor
Chatchaya Chaleechart - Corporate Logistics
Omar Bradley Ingersoll - Finance Logistics
Peter F. Cooke - Watch Sponsor & Vibration Expert
Regina Shippen - Domestic Logistics
Allie Thurmer - Hand Warmer Sponsor
Lynn & Tony Hitschler - Equipment Shipping & Inspiration
J.Woodward, E.Barthe, W.Roberts, G&D.Yanez, N.Pieroni - Original Members of Black Dog Team
Tim, Kristjan, Robin, Ganesh, Dawa, Bo-Bo at Tiger Mountain - Krittika Delivery to Base Camp
Sarah, Ben, Emily Claytor - American Flag & Nut Powder Delivery to Base Camp
Sara Norton - Zimbabwean Biltong & Orange Fanta Delivery to Base Camp
Larry Norton - Expedition Artist & Advisor
Tom Claytor - Climber

Tom Claytor on summit of Ruwenzoris, Uganda, 1986.

KENYA - Mount Kenya - Batian (Northern Route) - 5,199m. (17,058')
TANZANIA - Kilimanjaro - Kibo (Umbwe Route) -
5,892m. (19,331')
UGANDA - Ruwenzoris - Margherita -
5,109m. (16,761')
ETHIOPIA - Simien Massif - Ras Dashen -
4,533m. (14,872')
MADAGASCAR - Tsaratanana Massif - Maromokotro -
2,876m. (9,436')
RWANDA - Virunga Mountains - Karisimbi -
4,507m. (14,787')
COMOROS - Karthala -
2,362m. (7,748')
NAMIBIA - Brandberg - Konigstein -
2,606m. (8,550')
LESOTHO - Drakensberg - Thabana Ntlenyana -
3,482m. (11,420')
MALAWI - Mulanji Massif - Supitwa -
3,002m. (9,849')
ZIMBABWE - Inyanga - Inyangani -
2,592m. (8,504')
CAMEROON - Mount Cameroon -
4,095m. (13,435')
MOROCCO - Atlas Mountains - Jebel Toubkal -
4,167m. (13,671')
ALGERIA - Hoggar Massif - Jebel Tahat -
2,908m. (9,540')
ARGENTINA - Aconcagua - up to 6,600 meters* -
6,962m. (22,841')
NEPAL - Everest (Sagarmatha) (Chomolungma) -
8,850m. (29,030')
"Mountains give us the opportunity to see ourselves, face-to-face. We must conduct ourselves in the lower regions with the knowledge of what we have learnt above." (Rafe Parker - Expedition Advisor)

"Don't forget: the best climber is the one who comes back into the valley healthy and happy." (Peter Brabeck - Expedition Advisor)

"If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to piss on the big trees." (via Kenton Cool & Bo Parfet - Summitteers)

"Everest is a harsh and hostile immensity. Whoever challenges it, declares war. He must mount his assault with the skill and ruthlessness of a military operation. And when the battle ends, there are no true victors, only survivors..." (Barry Bishop - Summitteer)

"The mountaineer returns to his hills, because he remembers always that he has forgotten so much." (Geoffrey Winthrop Young)

"In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft." (In the silence lies the power) (Walter Dorner "Der Spezialist")

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” (William Blake)

If the going is tough and the pressure is on; if reserves of strength have been drained and the summit is still not in sight; then the quality to see in a person is neither great strength nor quickness of hand, but rather a resolute mind firmly set on its purpose that refuses to let its body slacken or rest. (Sir Edmund Hillary)

Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success. (Sir Ernest Shackleton)

He who would travel happily must travel light. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Because it’s there. (George Leigh Mallory)


Expedition Flag (Mar 2010)


Tibetan "Lungta" (wind horse)
Tibetan Lungta (wind horse)

The Discovery Channel -- "EVEREST, BEYOND THE LIMIT"

The Washington Post -- "The Dangerous Road to Mount Everest"
The Khumbu Valley has two of the most interesting airstrips in the world - Lukla and Syangboche

Landing at Lukla (9,000' high, 500 meters long, and a 14% slope)

Taking off from Syangboche (12'000' and 300 meters long)


Base Camp (17,500') -- Tom receiving a can of Nut Powder from Sara, Ben & Emily Claytor

  Krittika Toumtong
 Sara Norton brings Biltong & Orange Fanta from Zimbabwe -- Krittika Toumtong takes control and locks Tom out of the tent

First View of Everest (Behind Nuptse and West Ridge) on approach to Base Camp

There were at least 10 avalanches per day on all sides of Base Camp

Climbing through the Ice Field from Base Camp to Camp 1 -- 3.5 to 6 hours (first of five times)

Camp 1 (19,500') -- Apa Sherpa summits Everest for the 20th time

Camp 2 (21,000") -- Looking West down the Western Cwm toward Base Camp

Climbing up the Lhotse Face to Camp 3 (9.5 hours from Camp 2 to Camp 3)

Below Camp 3 -- About to climb the Lhotse Face

Camp 3 (23,500') -- Looking down to Camp 2, Ice Fall & Base Camp

Camp 4 (26,300') -- Looking North towards the Summit

Climbing up the South Summit (28'500') -- before descending to the Hillary Step

The Hillary Step -- Mount Everest -- Photo by Tom Claytor -- 17may2010
The Hillary Step leading to the Summit -- Nepal is on the left and Tibet is on the right (photo: Tom Claytor)

17 May 2010 (10AM) -- Black Dog Flag reaches Everest Summit after a 13-hour climb

Arriving Camp 4 from Summit at 2PM -- 3.5 hours to descend in near whiteout conditions

"And There I Was" -- Next morning with D.Sherpa and G.Sherpa and no Oxygen at 26,300'

Tom with Sherpa students in Khumjung village (demonstrating how to fly a plane)
Khumjung Village (12,000') -- Tom teaching Hillary School Sherpa students how to fly -- (photo: Gerhard Wyder)

Bhutan Flag on Summit of Everest 2010
The first Bhutanese Flag on the Summit of Mount Everest

Click here for Summit position on Google Map
Click here to see the view from the Summit
click here to view 3D aerial ascent & tragedy of 2014
Brot Coburn's National Geographic "Everest: Mountain Without Mercy"

- LaSportiva Double Boots with Gaitor
- Steel Crampons
- Smartwool Sock & liner
- 35 liter Mammut
Sleeping bag
- Normal -20*C (base camp)
- IME Everest -40*C (high camp)
- Thermarest Insulation Pad
- Pillow
- Down Booties
Down suit
- Mountain Hardware
Mitts & Gloves
- Mountain Hardware Leather Palm Tech Gloves (ice fall)
- Mammut Expedition Down Mitts with Glove Liners (above Camp 3)
- Thin Gloves (up to base camp)
- Black Diamond Harness
- Locking Carabineer
- 3 snap Carabineer
- 6mm Cow Ties
- Right Jumar Ascender
- Figure 8 Descender
- Petra Tikka XP Headlamp
- Wool Hat with Ear Flaps
- Windstopper Balaclava
- Northface Neck Buff
- Fogproof Goggles
- Cat 4 Glacier Glasses (2 pair)
- Hat with visor & neck bandana
- Sunblock
- Lipblock
- Nalgene 1 liter bottle with Insulation (x3)
- Digital Camera with AA Lithium Batteries
- Map
- GPS (optional)
- SPOT (optional)
- Duffle Bag (large - goes to Base Camp)
- Duffle Bag (large - climbs with you)
- Duffle Bag (small - stays in Kathmandu)
- Insulated Cup
- Spoon & Fork (plastic)
- Knife
- Nail Clippers
- Paracetamol
- Diamox
- Aspirin

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